Stop! In the name of light!


There's one thing that we try and find for every scene we film, and that's natural light.

We can't stress the importance of natural light in our wedding films, and we try and explain this as best as we can to our couples, especially the bride. A good chunk of filming time is spent during getting ready. Hair is being done, makeup is being applied, the men are putting on their suits, the bride gets into her dress... When all of these are done in an enclosed room with no source of natural light, the results can be messy. 

There is a level of softness and brilliance that natural light brings into the picture, one that can't be reproduced with any amount of lighting equipment or room lights. Unlike your normal event videographer, our goal as cinematographers is not just to capture the events as they happen, but to creatively capture them in the absolute best lighting possible. 


Here are a couple examples of Natural Light vs Room Light. We hope this communicates our point.


For this wedding, our bride Jessica was getting her hair done in the downstairs bathroom when I arrived. No windows, just room lights. The shots I got by themselves don't look bad by any means, but we can do better than that.

She decided to touch up her makeup in the master bathroom, where there were plenty of windows. Now, doesn't the bride's skin radiate in this lighting? Doesn't the soft light enhance her beauty? I bet you can guess which clips made it into the final film.


Here, our bride Holly was getting ready in the womens locker room of her venue. One of the main things that this sort of lighting effects is the dress. Her beautiful white dress looks yellow!

Holly Natural Light 1.png

Later on as everyone was waiting around, I spoke to Holly about a spot in the venue that had some great lighting, and asked if we could take some getting ready shots over there. Her skin tone looked fantastic. The detail of her dress popped out. And best of all, no more yellow!

We only want top notch results for our couples. We want to make sure that every single clip we put into the film are at their best, and looking their best! Here's our advice for couples as they plan their wedding - When choosing a venue, take some tours! See what the lighting situation is. A venue can have beautiful scenery and great decorations, but they are only as good as the light they are in. Also, ask your videographer about natural light and how they feel about it. Is it a priority to them?

If you're working with us, you won't even need to ask.

Until next time,